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The information contained at this site has been compiled by the Water
Law Section of the Idaho State Bar as a service to its members, and is
being made available by the Water Law Section through the courtesy of
the Snake River Basin Adjudication Court solely as a general reference
to various orders issued by the Presiding Judge and Special Masters of
the Snake River Basin Adjudication.  This information has not been
prepared, reviewed or sanctioned by the Court.  Neither the Water Law
Section, nor the SRBA, warrant in any way the accuracy or completeness
of the information.  Anyone having questions concerning the existence,
content or interpretation of any order of the SRBA Court should
consult a licensed attorney.  Copies of referenced documents should
be obtained through the Idaho Department of Water Resources' SRBA
Document Depository, 322 East Front Street, 6th Floor, Boise Idaho 83720,

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